At Emmer Green Garage we offer a full range of finance facilities. If you would like any more information please call 01189 473344.

SEAT Finance specialises in providing finance for SEAT vehicles, and as the choice of models continues to grow, so do the options available when selecting the most appropriate method of finance. Different customers' requirements vary. To meet an individual's requirements SEAT Finance offer a range of consumer finance plans that cover a broad spectrum of products meeting a SEAT driver's motoring needs.

Alternatively to make an application on-line please use the secure application form on the left. Please note however that we may need to contact you to obtain further information.

  • HP Finance

    Hire purchase is the simple and straightforward way to pay for your SEAT. You make an initial payment and then you can pay for your car over one year to five years.

    Once all of the payments have been made (including the option to purchase fee), you then become the owner of your SEAT.

    Benefits of Hire Purchase:

  • Solutions Finance

    Solutions (Personal Contract Plan) offers you the flexibility to drive the SEAT that you really want. You can choose a period between 1 ½ - 3 ½ years. It also allows you to delay paying some of your vehicle's value. The agreement allows you to choose from one of the following options at the end of the agreement:

    Solutions (personal contract plan):

    • Part-exchange your SEAT for a new one;
    • Make all the payments and keep your SEAT; or
    • Return your SEAT

    Benefits of Solutions:

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